Thursday, October 10, 2013

uCertify: a New way of online learning

In IT world, upgrading knowledge is always important part of the cycle. IT guys subscribe to various courses to improve their knowledge and skills. As an System Administrator I have a list of courses which I want to do or complete but due to lack of time I am unable to enrol for courses on regular interval and I don't want to go for online courses as I don't have that much faith on it.

Recently, uCertify - a site which provides quality test prep kits for global IT certifications have contacted me and asked if I can test their kits and write a review. I have selected the course "CompTIA - Cloud Essentials(CLO-001)" for review as this course was in my list.
I was quite impressed with the uCertify home page as it provides all required information about the courses which are available. It covers all the necessary information which is required for any student/candidate to know before enrolling to the site. Login into the system was easy but after login at beginning I was a bit confuse about from where to start but soon it was a bit easy to know.

According to me, following are some Positive and negative points of the uCertify online portal:

1.   Multi-device: Days of sitting on one system and doing works are gone. Everyone today is online and working from their mobiles, tablets etc. and uCertify prep kit is compatible to work desktop systems as well as on Mobile devices.
2.    Pre-assessment Exam: This is one of the features I really liked. Before starting the course you can take a pre-assessment exam which contains some basis questions related to the course. This helps candidate to evaluate themselves.
3.    Notes and In Chapter exam: Course contents are divided in Chapters and there are notes at the end of the chapter which explains the terms which are used in the chapter. Also there are exam (set of 2 to 5 question) just to revise what you have studied.
4.    Quiz and Exercise: At the end of the chapter you have to give a quiz and complete exercise to complete the chapter which is a nice way to revise all what you have read and understood.
5.     Test, Learn and Review modes: You can give the exam in test mode where you will have to select answer and result will be declared at the end of the test where as if you go to learn mode, you get the answer immediately as soon as you select your answer. Learn mode not only tells you, if the options you have selected are correct or incorrect but it gives an explanation for the correct options.

  1. Online only: All the courses/prep kit which is available with uCertify are online only and there are no option for offline reading. I really wanted it to be offline so I can read it via my mobile (which don’t have internet connection) while travelling.
  2. Only Prep Kit: uCertify provide Preparation kit only and don’t conduct exam, candidate have to search the test centres and give exams there. If uCertify can take exams or tie up with exam centres it will be easier for the students as they will have a single contact point.

At the end, I would say uCertify have took learning to a new level by providing prep kits for 200 to 300 courses which will help IT professionals to learn the course they want to learn whenever they have time.


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