Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to share Desktop with Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

This post tell you that how you can install and configure Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension for desktop sharing.

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Many time it happens that you get a call from your friend or family member or from a customer asking about a problem they are facing on their computer and they want to fix it. This post tell you that how you can fix such problems using Google Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

Till now the Teamviewer was widely used for desktop sharing for fixing problems of client or to give a presentation or demo of any product but the only problem was this software was not free and client need to install a separate software which runs in the background but with Chrome Remote Desktop you just need to install a extension in your Chrome browser to get access to remote computer.

Following are the steps to install and work with Chrome Remote Desktop

1) Browse Chrome extension store using Google Chrome (if you don’t have Google Chrome please install it first)

2) Search for “Chrome Remote Desktop BETA” and open it

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